What is AI? How is it shaping the world?

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27 May 2020 3 minutes read
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The first thing that you need to know is, what is AI? Well, AI or artificial intelligence is a subdivision in computer science that studies and works with the intelligent deeds and actions of engines and machines. It is a resourcefully replicated skill of an appliance to copy human activities as well as our orthodox response configurations. This is achieved via a precise bunch of algorithms that help the AI to work inside a detailed space of action. As a result, with AI, several of our daily accomplishments can be worked out efficiently by programmed machine expertise.

AI or artificial intelligence in the form of AI tools and AI robots is a very controversial topic for society. Some believe it to be our way to the future while some believe it to be a cause for our downfall.

The impact of artificial intelligence

Nowadays businesses, as well as industries, actively use AI or artificial intelligence. The technologies that we work with, on a day-to-day basis are becoming smarter. This reflects that artificial intelligence is not an innovative/ futuristic machinery anymore. Nevertheless, the work of AI is progressively assimilated into every single territory of our daily lives. Actually, AI or artificial intelligence is influencing our lives in a more intimate way than we do realize or comprehend. The following are a few common examples of the involvement of AI in our daily lives:

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Aids of using AI or artificial intelligence

The various benefits that we experience from how an AI works, are as follows:

AI influencing the world

Most AI designers are nowadays eventually focusing on attaining a basic goal. They are down with the duty of constructing AI representations that may suitably substitute various human struggles. This necessity comes in place of the grave mishaps of the human workforce. These are categorized by inaccuracy, incompetence, and additional catastrophes.

For instance, AI in the form of various tools is said to have the prospective for more precise diagnostic and medicinal practices. Consequently, you should start expecting more perfect medical practice. Operation theatres, using the outline than is now accessible by almost all humans. Therefore, it is safe to state that the errors committed by some of the human practices are the profits of artificial intelligence in the biosphere.

Computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee talks on how US and China are driving a deep learning revolution. Credit: TED


The benefits of using AI-driven technology is too large to avoid. We are eventually heading towards an artificial intelligence-led future which is a giant leap in the world of technology and science. But in the same way, there exist some moral obstacles about the time and situation to use AI. Also, there is this risk of the publicity associated with this machinery outshining the actual ability to it. The world is evolving at a very fast rate, and Artificial intelligence (AI) happens to be the flag-bearer of the changes that we are likely to experience. Hopefully, this satisfies your curiosity about AI and its application. For more such content, visit our site TheCodeWork.

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