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Crowdfunding is a process that helps charities and businesses to increase their working capital by raising money. It functions through people or associations who usually invest in the process of crowdfunding plans. Hence, anticipating a prospective profit or remuneration. Capitalizing in this method may be unsafe, so it is imperative to know what exactly you are getting into.

Crowdfunding is fundamentally a practice implemented to increase capital. In order to run trivial projects or assignments by gathering small quantities of money through enormous sources. It is also labeled as a supplementary way of funding. It is a contemporary fundraising idea.

Mechanism of crowdfunding

The basic mechanism of crowdfunding is as follows:

  • Crowdfunding is about fundraising small amounts of cash from several people. Intended for a specific venture, business scheme or to invest in fundraising ventures of charity schemes.
  • It functions on a web-based package or social media site aimed at start-up funding. By pitching the ideas to prospective benefactors or depositors.
  • As per the laws of the country, equity-based crowdfunding is forbidden. While the peer-to-peer process of fundraising is handled by the central bank or the RBI.
  • Municipal/communal/community crowdfunding which comprises donation-based fundraising. Also, rewards-based fundraising is trending and most of them have been successful in getting sufficient startup-funding.
  • The crowdfunding sites characteristically inflict a charge for working with their package and support to raise money for the enterprise.

How crowdfunding works

If you ever happen to check a crowdfunding official site, you will get to see a summary of the ventures that are supposed to be pitched. You may have to subscribe to the site so as to check the pitches, to have additional information, or to spend/donate in a venture. The corporate businesses, individuals, or even socially working businesses who are interested in start-up fundraising may express the following:

  • The amount it plans to raise.
  • The amount that it has already collected.
  • How the collected funds will be used?
  • The time period for which the pitch is available.
  • The number of depositors.
  • What you will get in return for your investment?
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Benefits of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one of the best as well as most successful approaches of raising money by depositors owing to several benefits like:

  • A well-organized and stress-free way to raise funds: If you are managing the early phase of your venture wherein you have to focus more on a collection of funds and fetching the basic capital in the business. It might get difficult for you to manage the time and channelize your attention. Pursuing the orthodox approaches of raising funds has been stressful and messy since always. Thus, this is where the concept of crowdfunding for the purpose of start-up fundraising helps.
  • Authentication and social evidence: If you manage very definite operative fundraising ideas, you will develop the social evidence and authentication that is needed for running a successful business. Moreover, you will get this social proof once the recommended clients show their interest in your product and service. This can be achieved by the process of crowdfunding which helps to interact with a lot of people.
  • Prospect to improve business idea: Once you start a crowdfunding operation as one of the fundraising ideas, you open yourself up for evaluation and hence potential sponsors get a chance to block your professional strategy and start probing the hard-hitting questions. This is a flattering brainstorming conference that allows you to expand your business strategy through the filters of constructive criticism.
  • Media coverage: Media exposure makes it possible for additional individuals to experience your crowdfunding initiative. This generates a perpetual acknowledgment of your business start-up amid potential clients and depositors. This might be in the formula of online streaming, blog posts, or even broadcast on any popular media linkage. Once this happens, it works creates a strong platform for attracting sponsors who may be still out of your circle or network.

Best Crowdfunding Platforms

  • Kickstarter
  • GoFundMe
  • Indiegogo
  • MightyCause
  • ArtistShare
  • InKind


Crowdfunding is not just about start-up fundraising. It is a big community of depositors who work as a source of constructive criticism. Crowdfunding has given birth to a new developing policy. Businesspersons and entrepreneurs aimed at fundraising for the venture through borrowing. Crowdfunding delivers a tool to anyone who has an idea to pitch in front of budding depositors. If this helps you get a lucid idea about the concept and benefit of crowdfunding, then do visit our website, TheCodeWork for more such related content.

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