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Do you remember how the world used to be before Covid hit us? Yes, you do perhaps. Then I genuinely hope that you remember how businesses used to operate then. A major chunk of them believed in reaching out to the customers and clients directly, in person. Websites and apps and social media marketing weren’t that big a thing then. Don’t you agree?

However, look at us now! Everyone is flocking around the internet to build apps and websites in order to reach out to clients in a pandemic hit world. So today, let’s talk about web development and the core reasons to use PHP for that.

Don’t worry. We will talk about other options to build your websites in our upcoming blogs. But, PHP is one of the most globally in-demand languages for web development in 2021 and we had to begin with this one!

Hiring PHP developers is not an easy job, so let’s focus on the core idea and importance of using PHP for web development in 2021. Okay? So let’s get going! I am sure you don’t want to miss this!

A brief introduction to PHP


PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor as the nerds call it; happens to be the most in-demand server-side programming language. You may be wondering why! 

Well, PHP helps to build dynamic, highly scalable, and effective websites including web applications for online businesses. How cool is that anyway? 

Also, guess what?

Websites that are built using PHP have the ability to operate on all the significant operating systems. As a result, PHP is a highly sought-after programming language and is effectively used to build secure, fast, as well as powerful web pages.

Talking in terms of quantity, more than 1.7 billion websites are built using PHP. And trust me, this is data of 2021 itself! In addition to that, the number is escalating each day. 

Can you imagine?

Benefits of using PHP for website development

Now it is time to address the elephant in the room.

Why is PHP still so popular for website development? Why is PHP specifically used to build more than 70% of the websites out there?

PHP for website development

Well, hold up. We are here to discuss that in detail. So let’s check out the benefits of using PHP for website development first.

Here we go!

  • Open Source 

PHP being an open-source programming language is completely free of cost. That’s a hook, right? Also, entrepreneurs and early-stage startups get to save their resources by not having to pay any additional costs or licenses.

Finance management matters, come on! 

This is such a win-win situation for startups or businesses with a constrained budget for web and product development projects. Don’t you agree?

  • Active Online Community

PHP has a huge online community of active and efficient web developers. How cool is that? Belonging to the same domain, these people are ready to help anyone who gets stuck while working with PHP.  

The community also shares updates, improvisations, and suggestions, that are related to the programming language. This in turn helps the PHP developers to step up their game and stay updated. Sounds great, right?

You know what! This active community is one of the many reasons why major product development companies prefer working with PHP. 

  • Scalability

Scalability is one of the prime features that an entrepreneur or a brand looks for while choosing a programming language to work with. 

You must be wondering why! Well, the scalability of a programming language enables the project to efficiently handle the changes that the project goes through. For example, the website’s performance should be able to manage increasing organic traffic, even if it has pumped up in a day. 

Are you getting my point?

Web solutions that are built with PHP can effortlessly be extended and iterated to handle a huge quantity of visitors. PHP developers can easily accomplish this task with the help of additional servers. No big deal!

Wait, here’s a bit more!

PHP is also compatible when it comes to diverse web browsers. Hence scalability of a programming language is not an issue when it comes to PHP-based web projects.


  • High Speed

There are numerous reasons to prefer PHP for web development in 2021 and this pointer here, is definitely a major reason. The loading time is much lesser when it comes to PHP-based websites.

Wait, let me provide the reason too.

See, PHP utilizes its own memory, which speeds up the whole process, when compared to other programming languages. 

In addition to all this, web developers prefer PHP owing to its hassle-free deployment process as well. And to add the cherry on top, if your development team is an experienced one, then building PHP websites has to be the fastest procedure ever!

Cool, right?

  • Customizations

PHP has various libraries with easy-to-use tools. This in turn enables a web developer to build a customized end product in the best way possible! 

Thus the developers can easily plan and proceed with the design requirements of the clients. Isn’t this something that you would want for your business?

  • Frameworks and Updates

Being an easy-to-learn and use programming language, PHP has bloomed with the new frameworks and updates altogether. Numerous updated PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Lamina, Code Igniter, Cake, and so on, have been interjected in the market. This is making the entire development process much convenient and faster. 

Kudos to that!

  • Compatible with all OS

The very next benefit of using PHP is that it is highly compatible with diverse operating systems. This list includes Mac, Linux, Windows, as well as Unix. in addition to this, PHP also interfaces ideally with Apache server and  MySQL.

So,  as you can already see, it covers the primary operating systems and smoothly operates on multiple platforms too.

The list goes on and on, doesn’t it? Well, hold on a little longer.  I know you are loving the details!

So as I was saying, PHP is also actually an ideal language to build cross-platform web apps and web applications.

  • Security and Flexibility

PHP is a highly secure language. You just do not need to worry about that domain. Trust me!  

As a matter of fact, PHP has handled every given security issue really well. It also sears your project from hackers or cyber attackers. What a savior! I know. 

The most beloved part is that the PHP server is extremely secured by default. What a blessing is it!

  • High-End Integration

Another added benefit of using PHP for web development is its high-end integration. PHP development, unlike other programming languages, doesn’t work on any strict set of guidelines.  

Isn’t it amazing to see the server-side programming language integrate readily with so many other web apps? It is, I know.

Owing to this wide-range usage and integration of PHP with various web apps, it has evolved to be the most in-demand programming language.

Personal insights: PHP for web development from the tech team at TheCodeWork

Having made a list of the major benefits of PHP that the world agrees on, let’s check out what the tech team at TheCodeWork has to say about it, alright?

PHP for web development
  • PHP occupies a large market share in web applications and is being used by many ongoing projects.
  • It is very easy to use, it does not have a big learning curve.
  • PHP also has many inbuilt functions.
  • PHP has a Low build cost with which you can easily find PHP developers around the world. 
  • Its synergy with HTML is commendable.
  • Affordable hosting and deployment services.

Why do people still prefer using PHP?

Did you know? Most of the tech giants around the globe have their websites developed using PHP. Wait, I will provide you with some examples.

Till today, entrepreneurs and web developers around the globe, prefer PHP for their projects. And why not?

The nativity, flexibility, high-end integration, and high speed are some vibrant factors that PHP flaunts. In addition to this, PHP has the ability to adapt itself to the most advanced web development as well as the ongoing digital trends. 

How does it matter? Well, it keeps your website updated and ahead of your competitors. You love that, don’t you?

Integrating PHP with the latest tech trends

  • IoT – IoT, and PHP go together seamlessly to produce incredible web solutions that help explore the digital domain of tech trends. cool, right?
  • Chatbots – Chatbots have become a major part of contemporary websites. In that context, chatbot developers prefer PHP to build engaging and interactive web-based solutions. 
  • Cloud Computing – These days, most brands and ventures are investing to build cloud infrastructures. Have you noticed that? Also, PHP has emerged as their go-to technology, for its cost-effectiveness,  scalability, and secure infrastructure.


Choose the Right PHP Development Company

I am pretty sure that by now, you have gotten the grip of PHP and its significance in web development. Now let us consider another important fact – choosing the right PHP Development Company.

So here we go:

  • Portfolio

A company’s portfolio is like a resume to get the deal going. So obviously, you can’t miss that! 

Here’s what you need to check in a company’s portfolio:

  • They have worked on it.
  • The tech stack used.
  • Case studies of their projects, if any.
  • The designs of the projects so as to know how well they understand User experience.
  • Expertise in the field or specific tech stacks that they use.

This will ensure the depth of their work profile and also give you an overview if they are worth getting a quotation from.

What do you think?

Also, you can check out our portfolio if you want to see what exactly I am talking about.

  • Is the company offering your required services?

You do agree with me when I say that every developer can make a website but not all of them can create a quality website. Right? 

So yes. Try and see if they are able to deliver the following services:

  • CMS Development
  • PHP eCommerce Development
  • Custom PHP web development
  • Portal web development
  • Corporate website development
  • Support and maintenance
  • Request a Quote

Also, once you check their portfolio out and think of moving forward, always request a quote. It should be based on their hourly rates and the services they provide. Okay that was an obvious pointer I guess. Just double-checking, nothing else!

Never ever compromise on the quality of work based on the prices offered. Try at least?

Need to hire PHP developers? The Final Note

With time and the evolution of new programming languages, it’s unreal how PHP has not lost its popularity. Don’t you agree?

The use and popularity of PHP have been surging. It has always been the handiest and easy the most easy-to-use language to build both small-scale and large-scale products. PHP is highly competent in performing various tasks like redirection, data gathering, integrations, and so on.

So let me tell you something.

If you happen to be an early or growth stage startup that needs a tech team immediately, then do reach out to us. The tech team at TheCodeWork is an agile bunch of developers who are innovative and smooth when it comes to handling new projects with diverse tech stacks.

Talking of our PHP developers, they have more than 8 years of experience with a solid base of PHP frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, and so on.

Get in touch with us to know more. We are here for you!

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