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We have been a part of the tech industry for over eight years now, with TheCodeWork being operational since 2018. And from the experience that we have acquired while working with early and growth-stage startups, I think it would be safe to declare Python as the best choice for startups. You must be wondering why! Well, just read on.

Honestly speaking, Python is synonymous with “simplicity with and effectiveness”. The gradual boost in its popularity must make you ask – why is Python the best choice for startups? And thankfully you are in the correct space to get an answer to that.

However, for a quick overview here, allow me to state that – Python is a dynamic, high-level, object-oriented language. It focuses mainly on quick and robust development, applicable to all projects, irrespective of the size involved. How cool is that?

But why satisfy yourself with a short answer, if you can know the details right here? So let’s start with the clarity today and talk about the feasibility, validity, and implications of Python in the process of app development. 

Hold up, here we load!

Why is a Programming Language Important for a startup?

 importance of Python for startups

Before we delve into the core topic of the importance of Python, let’s revise the factors that a startup needs to grow and sustain. Have a look here:

  • Scalability
  • Options to add new features
  • Rapid development of Minimum Viable Product or the MVP
  • Quick and effective iterations of projects
  • Easy Integration with added technologies and Software
  • Time and cost-effective development phase

So keep these pointers in mind, when you move on to read the upcoming sections of this article. You will soon understand and acknowledge the importance of Python for startups.

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Features of Python that are highly useful for Startups

features of Python

Here’s a list of the hows and whys that make Python the absolute best choice for startups. You don’t want to miss this.

1. Smooth integrations

Integrating Python with other programming languages like – C, Java, C++, etc is an easy task that you can embark on if you are starting out with a new idea/project. 

An important feature here, don’t you think?

2. Supports Test-Driven-development

Python is highly preferred for its smooth approach to test-driven development. It helps developers create quick prototypes which they can later restore into fully-functioning products. All this, by merely refactoring the respective code and testing it at that very instant.

3. Robust libraries

This has to be one of the best features of Python, come on! The easy and quick availability of robust and standard libraries is a huge point of attraction for startups. This aids in the time-effectiveness and who doesn’t like saving time?

4. Machine Learning and Big Data

Machine Learning, as well as Big Data, have become the two most emerging technologies at present. Don’t you agree? So using Python for your project/startup, you open the door to developing apps that are integrated with such emerging technologies.

Convinced already? Hire the best Python developers at TheCodeWork then!

Why is Python the Best Choice For Startups?

Statistics(Ratings) of Python

Source: kdnuggets

Having summed up the features of Python and all the factors that a startup needs to grow, let’s see why we are rooting for Python when it comes to startups! Are you ready? Here we go!

1. Excellent choice for building MVP

If you are a startup, you obviously do know about the concept of MVP or Minimum Viable Product. 

If you do not know about MVP, have a look here – What every entrepreneur should know about MVP?

So how is Python playing a role here? Well, to begin with, time is an important factor in MVP development and Python is the best choice here for its rapid development.

With quick integrations and iterations, Python helps the process of MVP development and gets the market feedback in a time-effective frame. 

With the experience and expertise that we have gathered in building MVPs for startups, Python is a better choice any day to deliver full-functioning MVPs in a few weeks.

Something that every startup aspires for.

2. Scalable

Scalability is mandatory for the product development process of any startup. No one will choose to avoid that, come on! Scalability assures the growth of a product. Why be stagnant, anyway? 

Hence, python. 

With the Django framework and a sequence of ready-to-go features, Python helps build highly scalable applications easily. 

Cool, right?

3. Versatile

Versatility is an additional feature that votes in the favor of Python for startups. So what do I mean with versatility here? Well, codes that are written in python work exceptionally well across all platforms out there. Be it macOS, Windows, Linux, and so on, it works irrespective of the platform used. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose Python any day!

4. User-friendly

Oh yes, user-friendly – of course!

Python language functions on specific guidelines that make it the most user-friendly programming language. This has to be one of the many many reasons behind developers choosing Python for their projects. 

5. Community support

Community support is just so important for any development process.

Basically, during a product development process, the team of developers may face several roadblocks. And it is natural. Come on!

However, the best part of the developers’ community is that they are active and eager to provide potential solutions to these roadblocks.

Thankfully, the Python developers’ community is regarded as one of the best ones that exist out there. What a safe landing, don’t you think? 

6. No extra developers – save the bucks

Time and money are the essence of any business, especially startups. So here’s the thing.

Python delivers precise and easy codes to the developers. This helps startups be self-sustaining with a small team of able and effective developers to build scalable products. How cool is that! 

For example, check out this code here;


public class TheCodeWork


   public static void main(String[] args)


     System.out.println(“hire a tech team at TheCodeWork”);




print(“hire a tech team at TheCodeWork”)

See how you are saving time and money already? 

7. Security

Well yes! Python is obviously more secure as compared to the other popular languages. Why so? See, the frameworks of this language, like Django, come with built-in security. This further protects the final product from security hazards that are lurking around on the internet.

This framework is also qualified to hide the source code of the site from direct viewing. 

I know you are impressed and almost convinced at this point. So reach out to us at TheCodeWork if you need to hire a team of Python developers for your startup idea. 

8. Keeps it simple

Being a simple language in itself, Python is good at handling and fighting complexities. It is an excellent choice for web/digital solutions as it can solve all complexities that come up in the development process.

Who doesn’t want and appreciate simplicity in 2022? Kindly help me make a list!

Startups that use python

After having such a long and tedious discussion on why python is the best choice for startups, let us throw some more light with real-life examples. Check out these startups that are using Python and thriving in their respective domains!


  • Ometria
Website of Ometria

Ometria offers marketers the power to build personalized experiences all through the customer journey. They deliver services like customer intelligence (AI-enabled), cross-channel marketing, and so on.

  • Weglot
Website of Weglot

Weglot integrates with a website, adapts to the technology, and delivers it in any preferred language. It delivers solutions for marketing websites, e-commerce, and web agencies too.

  • Paddle
Website of paddle

Paddle is a successful SaaS commerce medium for billing, payment processing, sales tax management, and so on. With Paddle, businesses are eventually able to convert their revenue delivery platform to respond quicker and better.

  • Stripe
Website of stripe

Stripe is a popular American tech business that delivers a platform for businesses and startups to send money, accept payments, and drive their businesses to the online podium. 

  • Virail
Website of Virail

Virail is an online forum providing the fastest method to select the cheapest hotel or ticket. They furthermore help the users search for every route and pick the one that suits them the best.

Feeling inspired already? I sincerely hope you are!


So, what did you finally conclude? should you choose Python for your startup?  

I am guessing the answer is yes. 

See we at TheCodeWork, have been working with startups for years now, and trusting that experience, we are recommending Python as the best choice for startups. Starting from IBM to NASA, Python has been an intricate part of every huge organization and I believe yours is nothing less. So why wait?

Now if you are sitting and wondering if Python is suitable for your startup project, drop a comment below. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us here at TheCodeWork today – we are here for you and our team will immediately set up a free call to address all your concerns. 

So where are you at?

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