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Augmented Reality is evolving and HOW! It just feels so unreal to have a chunk of fantasy mixed with reality through science & technology. This has further resulted in the giant expansion of AR into every industry that you can think of.

Today we will be discussing the necessity to use AR for your apps if you aspire to rise and shine in today’s market. And don’t you worry about the “how to build an AR app” part, because I think I have you covered. But before disclosing that, let’s first introduce you to the commercial wonders of Augmented Reality.

By merging audio, visual, and intense interactivity, AR revolutionized how we receive information or interact with our surroundings. How cool can it get!

So let’s get started with the discussion already. Oh, wait! If you haven’t read the first part of this blog, then go ahead and have a quick look at this – What is augmented reality and why is it in demand?

Competitive Advantage of using AR Apps

AR Apps

Businesses can easily outrun their competition and engage in completely fresh niches by delivering AR-driven products and services to their customers. How awesome does that sound?

Here’s a tiny peek into the global enthusiasm for AR apps and services:

  • AR is expected to cross the $20 billion mark by 2021, in terms of the consumer sector.
  • Studies suggest that businesses will start using AR devices like the Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens in transportation, retail, IT services &  industries, as well as manufacturing.

Not just that,

  • Tech industry giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google identify AR to be a promising technology that will boom in the near future.
  • These tech giants are already building devices like the Microsoft HoloLens and platforms Apple ARKit. Farsighted, you see! 

With time, the influence of AR in the business sector will keep growing and you need to start working on and with it from now itself! 

Do you know some companies already have in-house development teams to build and launch AR apps? And guess what? We are one of them.

TheCodeWork has some in-house products that you may be interested in. So do reach out to us for a free discussion any time. We are here for you!

Why Every Business Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy?

Augmented reality has helped us bridge the gap between the two dimensions and three-dimensional spaces. Hopefully, you will agree with me on this!

The ability to superimpose 2D with 3D or the reality itself is a wholesome power-packed technology that can never fail. It’s true that AR is still in the embryonic stage, but once it enters the mainstream industry, you can’t look back from there!

Who am I kidding? Big brands like Lakme, Loreal, Ikea, Sephora are already using AR apps to retain customers. It’s not just limited to gaming anymore.


In no time, it will revolutionize how the world learns, makes decisions, or interacts. Consequently, it will evolve the way businesses serve the market or even compete, 


Why use AR or augmented reality apps for your business?

If you are smart enough to use AR apps for your business, then you have my respect here! Don’t you see? With AR in the nascent stage, you are sliding into the digital market. Also, by the time the market goes gaga about it, you already have gained experience and profits! How amazing does that sound?

Check out the benefits already!

AR or augmented reality apps retain customers

Mobile devices have evolved to be the largest distribution platform when it comes to launching digital products and services. You agree with me, don’t you?

In that very context, AR has the power to deliver enhanced service and user experience right at the customer’s fingertips. For example, Augmented Reality apps and products are already working wonders for customer engagement including loyalty program gamification. Sounds cool, right?

Also talking of mobile AR apps retaining customers, how can we not mention Snapchat and PokemonGo? Snapchat has been the flagbearer of AR applications in the mainstream domain.

  • Snapchat with its quirky AR features has over 180 million active users on a daily basis. There, you see the retention already. 
  • Similarly, Pokémon Go is the pioneer of bringing AR to the world of mobile games. By combining the digital objects with the user’s real-world location, the game retained its users at a global level! 
Pokémon Go

It earned a whopping $104 million as well as 145 million active users in 2018 alone. Can you imagine?

In addition to these two AR giants,

  • Brands like IKEA use AR apps to provide their customers a virtual sense of how a particular piece of furniture would look in their house. This is so well suited for a pandemic-ridden world as well. Don’t you think?

However, all this is not as easy as it may sound. Implementing AR in your app/business requires proper testing. So in case you feel like implementing AR in your application, do reach out to us at TheCodeWork.

Augmented Reality enhances Indoor Navigation

Navigation is a part of our lives that we can’t do without. People usually depend on mapping services, like Google Maps for outdoor navigating. That’s just more than fine I guess.

So let’s talk about indoor navigation now, shall we? Now we can’t use Google maps for indoor navigation. So this is where AR apps can come into play. 

Decent indoor navigation will help customers find their way out in shopping malls, airports, factories, large office buildings, and hospitals too! in addition to all of this, it can also optimize passenger flow. How convenient is that?

Here’s an example:

The Gatwick application provides AR navigation to the users, all through the  Gatwick Airport. All this is just through their smartphones. The app additionally showcases available flights and routes to terminals and gates that are relevant for the selected flight. I feel so relieved already! 

Gatwik AR

AR-based indoor navigation enables mall visitors to find the easiest routes to shops. It increases the productivity of office and hospital staff. See how the benefits of AR apps keep flowing in!

AR indoor navigation

If you want to build such a navigation app using AR, all you need to do is combine machine vision and AR. In this tool, a particular mobile app identifies the location of the user by scanning some marks that are distributed in that particular building.

This scanned mark is now the starting point from where the app will lead a user to his/her preferred destination. Smooth, I say!

Face-Based AR Boosting Fitness Apps

Apple’s ARKit enables mobile apps to scan a face and track the change in its features that happen over time. 

This feature of ARKit is being applied to fitness applications which in turn is yielding good results. You must be wondering how is that possible! Well, when you lose weight, your facial features become sharper, right?

AR Kit

Consequently, an AR app (like the ARKit) can detect this progress and track your weight-loss journey. That’s all!

This hints at the potential of AR in face recognition technology, which will further open up fresh opportunities!

AR Enables Object Recognition

AR also provides a convenient and easy way to get used to new digital and electronic devices. How? Well, just like the face recognition feature, you can use AR to identify objects and get relevant information. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

This feature of AR can be implemented for :

  • smart home appliances,
  • Machinery
  • And also car dashboards. Let me explain with an example – Ask Mercedes, which is a virtual assistant, integrates a simple AI chatbot with AR functionalities.

You can simply click a picture and ask the tool any question. It will pop up with an answer in no time!


This hints at the potential of AR in making education more user-friendly with the application of AR technology. 

AR Provides Remote Assistance


AR apps are widely being used for remote assistance as well as remote collaboration. Allow me to elaborate. 

Suppose you have to fix something at your home immediately and there is no time to get a mechanic to visit your home. What do you do?

Here’s the trick! With AR, you can call the technicians and have them inspect the tool using AR apps, in real-time.  This way you can collaborate and work under expert surveillance as well. 

Your Business Can Benefit from AR

AR provides an innovative way to engage your customers and deliver customized app solutions. As already seen in various industries and markets, AR and its applications are diverse enough to be used both for B2B and B2C markets. You agree with me, don’t you?

With the evolution of AR, businesses are desperate to employ AR applications in the market. This in turn can provide a great opportunity for businesses to outrun their competition. Am sure you don’t wanna be the one that got overshadowed here. 

So buckle up and try using AR for your business. In case you need any help, we are here for you!

How AR Creates Value?

AR and its use in business creates value in two major ways: 

  • Firstly, by being a part of products and showcasing the product feature.
  • Secondly,  by enhancing performance over the value chain—in terms of manufacturing, product development, service, marketing, and so on.

You get the drill, don’t you? But hey, am not done yet. Let’s discuss this in detail!

AR as a product! 

AR as a product majorly focuses on creating decent designs for enhanced user interfaces as well as ergonomics. This is important, right? 

The augmented reality user interface being entirely software-based can be customized with constant iteration. The incremental expense of producing such an interface is relatively low. 

In addition to this, every manufacturer should consider the impact that this next-generation user interface may inflict on its competitive position and offering.

AR and the value chain

The consequences of AR are already prominent across the entire value chain. However, the distribution of this influence may not be uniform. Like, in general, applications that include guidance and visualization are booming at present.

They have the most magnificent impact on businesses and their operations. However, the AR interact feature is on the rise now and in the process of pilot testing.


Wrapping it up, AR and its applications are booming and in no time it will capture every market and industry. As already discussed in our previous article, AR is modifying the structure of every industry and the nature of competition as well. 

So grab on to the phase and hop into the tech trend, before the market gets flooded. AR has started the trend of fresh strategic choices for businesses. These choices may vary from functionalities to data rights and securities. Can you imagine the vastness and flexibility?

The growing attention to AR, along with its dynamic nature, is a treat for the world and we can’t wait to explore more!

Talking of exploring, if you have business ideas in mind that you want to explore and apply AR to, do reach out to us at TheCodeWork. We may have something for you.

Till then, keep innovating!

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