Deep tech solutions – Tech ventures embracing blockchain

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17 May 2021 2 minutes read

Let’s talk a bit about blockchain first.

So what is blockchain? Blockchain technology is basically a ledger that keeps a track of all digital transactions in a way that is almost impossible to hack, tamper nor cheat. The level of security is huge and this is exactly why people are embracing the concept and usage of blockchain technology. 

Now as per reports and surveys, conducted by Seeqc – a quantum computing tech venture, it has been seen that around 67% of enterprises fear missing out on emerging technology. This is actually a fear of being outrun by the competitors in the market who are already embracing the new concepts of the tech world. Not just that, out of these statistics, around 57% are already into developing deep-tech solutions that would help them solve some deep-rooted business and financial problems. Interesting, I know.

Are you not clear about the concept of deep tech solution? Well it is nothing but the implementation of modern or emerging technology to solve deep-rooted, traditional business problems. 

As per reports, the main areas of focus include Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. The other areas of concern include – renewable energy, quantum computing, and 3D printing. 

The CEO of Seeqc said – “It will be years before the average person has access or reason to use something so advanced as a quantum computer or benefit from a fully autonomous vehicle, but the enterprise applications for these technologies are already making themselves apparent in today’s most data-intensive industries”.

The fact is that everyone is aware of the highly volatile nature of the crypto market. It is not at all predictable which leads to the lack of trust and dependency. And this concern is real for the huge enterprises who invest in billions in the volatile market of cryptocurrency.

It’s true that Fintech is on the verge of taking over the market, and as a result, it is important that everyone stays on board!

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