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Ways to boost your app downloads – why is this even a topic? If your app works fine and solves problems, then downloads are inevitable, right? But wait, nothing is that simple these days. 

Let me help you understand.

So you’ve finished building your app, congratulations! You love your app design, and it performs seamlessly on every gadget you’ve tested it on. You’re certain that your app will solve a problem that no one has properly addressed yet. 

However, there is only one issue. Nobody is downloading your app.

Unfortunately, this problem is all too common. With millions of apps available in app stores these days, users are totally spoilt for choice. But don’t worry. It only takes a little traction for your app to gain visibility and more people to discover and use it. 

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And now, let’s look into some tried-and-tested tips for boosting your app downloads! 

Best Ways to Boost Your App Downloads

Whether you’re trying to get your first few users or expand your user base, these 10 proven methods will help you get there: 

➡  Work on creating (and optimizing) your website 

Your app, like any other online product, should have its own website. 

Its primary goal is to build a solid digital presence for your app. Your website doesn’t have to be super snazzy, just focus on SEO (search engine optimization). SEO analytics will make your app more discoverable to potential users. It’s merely the basics of digital marketing.

Even if your product is totally app-related, a website will showcase the best features of your app within a controlled digital space. Take Uber, for example! Although it is majorly a mobile-based service, its website can help drive potential customers to install the app. 

SEO analytics

People often use Google and other search engines to find new apps. A website will allow you to attract these potential users. You can always add a link to your app in the headers and footers! Pretty effective, isn’t it? 

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Think about retargeting ads.

Here’s one more reason why you should consider having a dedicated website for your app: ads! People may visit your website and like your product. But they may be on the fence about downloading your app. 

In such cases, consider retargeting to run ads to people who’ve visited your site but haven’t yet downloaded the app. Visitors who are on the fence will then see ads reminding them of your app on Google, Facebook, etc.  

If you’ve ever visited a website only to find its products pop up on every other site you visit, you’ll know what ad retargeting means. Most e-commerce apps– think Myntra and Nykaa–retarget ads for maximum app downloads. A smart strategy, if you ask me.

retargeting ads

This method is quite effective indeed! Don’t believe me? Data says that individuals who see retargeting ads are up to 70% more likely to convert! How impressive is that!

   ➡ Make your app icon stand out

Your app icon is the next thing that a potential customer will see. So of course, it should be absolutely poppin’! Remember: visual cues influence consumers. 

The app icon you choose will:

  • help elevate your website’s credibility
  • improve your company’s brand visibility
  • help to build the trust of your existing and potential customers
  • serve as an immediate visual marker for your company/website/product

Needless to say, you must decide on your app icon carefully. It should give users a good idea of what they’ll get after downloading and opening your app.

Consider AirBnB’s icon, for example. It’s simple, bright, and oh so stylish! What’s more, the app name and icon also subtly reflect its main purpose. Clever, isn’t it? 

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Focus on app store optimization

If you want more and more people to find your app on the app stores, you must learn about app store optimization (ASO). 

Wondering what ASO is? Well, it is the process of increasing your app’s visibility in the marketplace. ASO is designed to make your app as inviting and attractive as possible. 

So, what steps can you take to optimize your app for the stores? For starters, you can 

  • Find the most relevant and best keywords
  • Come up with a captivating app description
  • Think of a catchy app name

(Take Duolingo, for example! It’s hard to think of a catchier name and icon for a language-learning app!)


But all this is not enough! You must also tailor the following so that your app finds its target audience:

  • Category: Think carefully about what category your app will fall in. Choose your categories wisely and strategically when submitting your app to an app store. 
  • Location: Consider your target audience’s location and tailor your app description to those areas. This could mean translating your app store description into another language or selecting images appropriate for that region.
  • Feedback: As your app receives more positive feedback, it will be ranked higher, which will naturally increase download numbers. 

All these things will impact your app’s ranking in the app store. So talk to your users regularly, and tweak your app to best suit their needs.  And what else helps more than an MVP to collect feedback?

➡ Get your content marketing game on point

In this day and age, you simply cannot afford to skip out on content marketing. Especially if you want your app to be easy to find and top the charts. 

The best way to go about it is to link your app to a website and blog. Most people go to the web first to look for solutions. You can grab their attention with a well-written blog article or a beautifully designed website. Think of an SEO-friendly website that expands on the information in your app store listing. Sounds useful, right? 

But wait! Why stop there? You can even consider YouTube videos or podcasts! All of these will help you expand your app’s reach and better target your potential customers.

Apps like Practo and Kool Kanya have successfully leveraged social media and content marketing to massively boost their app downloads. 

content marketing

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Promote Referrals

Some say that referrals are the most powerful form of marketing. People are more easily swayed by friends than by ads and articles — especially if your app has a social component.

While some of your customers may spread the word on their own, most people require an incentive to do so.

So, you might want to put a referral system in place for your app. Reward your users when their friends and family download the same app and create an account. 

Uber, for example, has one of the most well-known and widely used mobile referral programs. In fact, referrals had a huge role to play in Uber’s massive popularity and widespread acceptance among users. 

Promote Referrals

And don’t worry, rewards don’t have to break the bank! They can range from small discounts to store credit and even company swag. Simply adding this feature can significantly increase your downloads. 

How easy is that?

➡ Leverage social media

Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore the power of social media, can you? With over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, social media channels are one of the best ways to promote your app. According to Mobile App Daily, over 70% of online businesses turn to social media for mobile app marketing. 

Not everyone likes to read blogs.  In such cases, sharing content via social media may be a more effective approach for boosting downloads. 

Consider HealthifyMe, a health and fitness app that enables people to live healthier. The app’s team regularly shares content on Instagram, ranging from nutrition tips to personal anecdotes of fitness journeys. 

People who come across these posts may or may not be looking for a fitness app. But if the content speaks to them, they may click on HealthifyMe’s bio link and end up installing the app. Pretty smooth, right? 

Leverage social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also allow you to put app links within your content. This way, users get more direct access to your app.  How cool is that? 

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➡ Obtain genuine user feedback

We don’t buy anything online without looking at the user reviews first, right? The same applies to your app. When a potential user comes across your app, there is a good chance they will look at your app rating. They may even sift through your user reviews, looking for feedback from other customers.

Both ratings and user feedback can have a significant effect on the number of downloads you get. Furthermore, app stores will endorse your app only if it offers a positive user experience. If you can get positive user reviews from your app’s fans, your downloads will skyrocket.

So how will you go about obtaining user feedback? The best way to do this is to ask your current users. Try adding a pop-up prompt that shows up after a certain number of times the app has been opened. This is especially effective. In fact, Instagram’s iOS ratings doubled in a week after it introduced a review prompt in its app. How awesome is that? 

genuine user feedback

You can also incentivize users to leave reviews. This is an excellent way to increase the number of users who choose to do so. Coupon codes or redeemable points within the app can all be great motivators for people to leave you positive reviews.

➡ Enhance Your Branding

With 3.48 million Android apps and nearly 2 million iOS apps, your app’s definitely going to have some competitors. So, to stand out from the crowd, you must ensure that your branding game is top-notch.

And it all starts with your app’s name. Choose your app name wisely–make it an absolute attention-grabber! Next, you have to think of your app icon. As we’ve already discussed before, your app icon can make or break your app store rankings. 

For example, the note-taking app Evernote’s elephant icon is not only elegant and eye-catching, but it also implies special meaning – an elephant never forgets! 

Enhance Your Branding

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Make use of mobile communication channels.

Smartphones have made it easier than ever to reach your customers directly. Whether push notifications or in-app messaging, mobile-specific channels let you reach your users with a targeted message at the right time. 

Consider directing your users to a new app feature or prompting them with tips in a difficult-to-navigate section of the app. 

You can also gamify your mobile app to interact more with users. Take Snap Streaks or Google Pay’s Super Wall, for example! 

mobile communication channels.

Mobile communication is an excellent way to keep users engaged and promote your app. 

Use in-app tracking

The best way to boost your app downloads is by understanding your customers. I’m sure you agree with me!

For this, in-app tracking is essential. The data you collect from your current users can help you improve your product and marketing tactics. This in turn will definitely increase app downloads and engagement, just as planned.

You can gain a better understanding of your users’ behavior and preferences through in-app tracking. Is your app being uninstalled at a certain point? How frequently and for how long does the average user log in? Are there any features that appear to be more popular than others? 

The best way to obtain all this user data is by launching the most basic version of your app first.  A minimum viable product, so to speak! The data you’ll receive from the MVP will let you fine-tune your app marketing and improve your tactics for more downloads. 

Some super successful apps like Spotify and Instagram have used this strategy, and we can definitely vouch for their effectiveness! 

Use in-app tracking

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Bottom Line

Navigating the process of boosting app downloads can be a tricky task. But you can stay on top of your game by following the above-mentioned tips and best practices. 

Make sure to keep your target audience’s preferences in mind when deciding your plan of action. Or better still, leave it to TheCodeWork’s expert team to do the hard work for you! Get all your app problems–be it technical, marketing, or branding–solved in a jiffy with India’s first-ever zero equity startup ecosystem! 

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