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Similar to the natural course of life, products also have a finite lifespan. From their inception, products go through stages of growth, maturation, and eventual decline. This process is known as product lifecycle management or PLM for short. It might sound like B-school jargon; but actually, it’s about efficiently managing the entire production from scratch,

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In the ever-shifting world of business, we’re all on the hunt for that extra edge, streamlined operations, and exciting opportunities. With so many ambitious players in the field, it’s time to consider Mobile ERP solutions. Think of them as your secret weapon to shake up the status quo and level the playing field. These Enterprise

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Welcome to the World of Business! Just like a game of musical chairs, customers sometimes decide to dance their way over to your competitors. And this phenomenon is known as Customer Migration. Obviously, it will have a profound impact on your business, like revenue loss and a decrease in market share.  To remain ahead of

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In a very transparent lingo, technical debt is defined as the result of taking shortcuts when developing a software. It’s the accumulation of technical issues within a software system over time. Unfortunately, Tech-debt is a common problem faced by companies of all sizes and in all industries. Reasons vary from speed of feature delivery, budget

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We live in the era of cloud computing. I mean, being able to access relevant data wherever I am, whenever I want? Sign me up, please! And yes, a lot of tech companies are thinking the exact same thing. Which is why cloud migration–the act of switching business operations to the cloud–has become the talk

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“Debt? What are we talking about now! We all know what debt is, duh!”  Wait wait, hear me out. In the financial world, debt is money owed to a creditor. In software development however, technical debt refers to the idea that organizations might incur significant, unforeseen costs up front. Especially when they choose a quick

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Hi, I have news for you since you must be interested in “cloud migration” to have stopped by this article. By 2025, more than 100 zettabytes of data–or 50% of all global data–will be stored in the cloud! It’s quite an astounding figure, isn’t it? And there’s more! Studies say that over 94% of businesses

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In computing, the term legacy software is used to describe a technology or computer system that’s outdated and old but is still in use. You must be wondering why! Well, such software systems are utilized within many companies because they’re working just fine–so far. However, in general, they no longer receive support or maintenance and

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21st December 2022

Why Big Tech Companies Should Hire Niche Companies to execute projects?

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Why Big Tech Companies Should Hire Niche Companies to Execute projects– why are we discussing this today? To answer this question, let’s go back a bit and see how the tech innovation landscape has changed in the last few years.  Up until a few decades back, big companies did most of the research and development,

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MVP, MVP everywhere! What is it and why are startups rushing to get the right MVP developer for their ideas? Let’s discuss this and get to the core, shall we? Here’s a story for you! Way back in 1994, a hedge fund executive named Jeff Bezos had the brilliant idea of selling books– online. He

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