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With the massive global digital transformation, it has become the need of the hour to go the extra mile to market your brand. Let’s think of the older times for a moment. We had newspapers to market a brand, then came the radio, then flyers, brochures, and eventually the internet. This led to the digital form of marketing. However, here’s the latest chapter in the story. If you are building an online business, then build mobile apps as a brand marketing channel. 


Mobile apps are eventually emerging as influential marketing solutions. Let me explain a bit more. See, in addition to providing better customer service, mobile apps also help in automating the business. If you are building apps for online businesses, they become marketing tools in themselves. 

And why not? This is the most effective way to cultivate deeper connections with the audience, especially the netizens. Why are netizens getting a special mention here? Well, they are everywhere, belong to every customer demographic, and play a prime role in promoting brand awareness. 

And I know you agree with me on this!

The research that we carried out as a team at TheCodeWork, indicates that a little more than 50% of consumers who use apps of a particular brand on a regular basis, tend to keep buying from that same app. It makes sense too, right? Time management, what else!

You know what, you should just read through and allow us to feed you the reason and logic of building a mobile app As A brand marketing channel.

And if you are already convinced about this, then hire the best tech team from us and build your effective brand with a scalable mobile app.

Not convinced yet? Read on then!

Why should your brand go online?

Bar graph on traditional vs digital media.

Now let me make something very clear.

Yes, marketing is the soul to reach out to a huge audience base, I totally agree. However, targeting an individual, based on their precise choices and preferences is difficult via marketing techniques. 

Marketing is for the mass. It does not target a single individual.

This is exactly why your brand needs to go online via a branded mobile application.

This is an innovative approach to boosting brand awareness in an influential way. Don’t you see the point already? Mobile apps keep the consumers engaged resulting in better conversion rates. Sounds good, I know.

So here’s a bit more.

Mobile App Usage Statistics 

Mobile App Usage Statistics 

Source: mindsea

Talking in numbers, a report generated by Forbes in 2021, revealed that people spent a record of 3.8 trillion hours on Mobile Apps in 2021. Can you imagine?

$170 billion.

This is the exact amount that the consumers have paid on mobile applications since the pandemic hit the globe. Crazy, right?

Here are some streamlined details:

  • $116 billion of this aforementioned amount was spent on some gaming apps as well as some popular mobile apps.
  • More than 200 mobile applications yielded more than $100 million. Out of this, around 13 applications crossed the mark of $1 billion as well.
  • Businesses and brands around the world launched more than 2 million games and mobile apps in 2021.

This is how mobile applications are capturing the digital economy already. So what are you waiting for? Don’t have the right tech team? Well, we are here for you.

With time, brands are identifying the potential of mobile applications. It is beyond just selling a particular product/service. It helps businesses engage with their target audience in fresh and innovative ways. This in turn increases the customer retention of the brand.

How smooth is that?

Now we already know that desktop internet usage is much lower in comparison to mobile internet usage. But what about the comparison between mobile websites and mobile apps?

Have a look!

Mobile App Vs Mobile Website?

It’s the word now. Brands are closing deals with customers via their mobile apps. People view 4 times additional products within apps, as compared to well-functioning mobile sites. Think from the view of a customer. You do prefer apps right? User-friendly, simple!

statistic on mobile app vs mobile website

Source: jmango360

The mobile app industry is thriving and how! It is evaluated that by the year 2023, there will be more than 7 billion smartphone users globally. That’s huge, right?

As a result, mobile apps have evolved to be an effective marketing tool for brands. It helps businesses connect with the customer base, communicate brand announcements, engage their users, and develop customer loyalty in a congested marketplace. 

If you are all set to build an app to promote and flourish your business, then you need to ask some questions and have informed answers to them. So do read this blog by TheCodeWork: Questions a Startup should ask before they start Building an App?

Advantages of Using Mobile Apps as Marketing tools 

Let’s just jump into the pointers instead of a detailed introduction. I cannot wait for you to see this.

benefits of using mobile apps as marketing tool.
  • Enhances brand awareness – The brand logo on the mobile screen is a constant boost to brand visibility.
  • Connects with the consumers – Easier to target an individual with personalized in-app content like push notifications and rewards.
  • Helps collect consumer information – Via signing-in activities, the consumer shares data anyway. Your app can level that up by offering in-app reviews and analysis.
  • Retain customers – the bonuses and rewards that a consumer gets on using an app multiple times are a great way to retain an audience. And it works!
  • Creates a pool of target audience – heard of geo-target notifications? Yes. target the local audience of areas with higher sales rates and bring in more users.
  • Boost sales – As already discussed before, brands are closing deals via apps due to the user-friendly format. What else!

So what are you waiting for? Hire a good tech team and bring your business to the online market!

Mistakes to avoid while building mobile apps for your brand

Now you can’t build an app just for the sake of it. You agree with me, don’t you? Hence you need to focus more on what not to do rather than what to do. 

Mistakes to avoid while building mobile  apps for your brand.

As per the reports by Statista, around 25 percent of apps that are downloaded globally, are accessed only once after that. You surely don’t want to be a part of these statistics, right? So what are the mistakes that lead to this devastating failure? Let’s have a look!

  • Your app doesn’t solve the pain point of the user

Why would you use an app that is basically dormant when it comes to solving your issues? The perfect approach to building an app that actually works is to analyze your target market and understand their pain points. And talking of market analysis, what is better than the MVP approach?

Don’t know about MVP? Please check this out: What every entrepreneur should know about MVP?

  • Your App fails at personalization

If your branded app fails to offer personalized discounts, offers, or additional app benefits, customers will be hard to retain. They will start using apps that provide these goodies. So do not miss out on this added opportunity. You know the secret now! 

  • Not user-friendly

A decent mobile app has to be easy to use and intuitive for the customers, don’t you agree? If your app is too complicated and over-designed, it may drive away the audience. So play on functionality and simplicity, trust me.

  • No updates

The app updates are nothing but an indication that your brand is up-to-date with the current tech trends and not lagging behind. Who doesn’t need assurance of keeping up with trends, right?

Reach out to us at TheCodeWork. Let us help you build a mobile app devoid of these mistakes!

Build A Mobile App Marketing Strategy  

Since we started out with the use and delegation of building mobile apps as a marketing channel, here’s a bit on the strategy building process, okay?

See, an app marketing strategy is vital when you start building a branded mobile app. As a result, you have to get to the roots and comprehend the requirements of your business. 

Let us help you figure out the essential elements to consider while building a branded mobile app. Here we go: 

  • Onboarding: An user should share their personal data and information while signing into your app. This is a part of the market research that marketing includes and it needs to be a feature of your app too.
  • Engagement: VERY IMPORTANT! Your app has to grab the user’s attention, engage with them and retain them in the entire process.
  • Convert: Yes, you are done with the market research and customer engagement. Now what? You have to convert them right? So yes, that’s the last and most crucial part of the entire story.

The next big chapter is the product pricing strategy. We did talk about this in our previous blog – Questions a Startup should ask before they start Building an App?

You will find the gritty details of the entire part on this blog, so do give it a look!


As you have probably understood by now, a mobile app is regarded to be a brand’s own marketing tool. It has been successful in establishing a direct marketing pipeline, allowing brands to tap a wide range of audiences at a global level. How cool is that? seriously!

If you happen to be a startup or an offline business or a business with just a website, do consider the prospect and reach that a mobile application can bring for your brand. Step up and embrace the budding tech trends. 

And if you are confused to do any of this, then what are we here for? Explore the best of tech for your brand and allow us to help you out with that. TheCodeWork is here to build your app and website using the most effective and scalable tech stack.

Are you ready to deliver? Because we sure are!

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