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Future Of IT: What the Information Technology (IT) Industry will look like in 2025?

As we all know – Information Technology (IT) industry is all about using computers to automate and digitalize operations. Isn’t it! So if we are evolving every second as an industry, have you ever wondered what will the future of IT be? Say in just two years? With each passing year, new technologies emerge, some


TheCodeWork Team

Customer Migration: 7 Subtle Signs That Your Customers Will Migrate to Your Competitors

Welcome to the World of Business! Just like a game of musical chairs, customers sometimes decide to dance their way over to your competitors. And this phenomenon is known as Customer Migration. Obviously, it will have a profound impact on your business, like revenue loss and a decrease in market share.  To remain ahead of

17th May 2023

Intelligent Automation In Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry has to deal with large amounts of data and is heavily regulated. Also, the industry is under constant pressure to adapt to new technologies and customer demands. At such a dire situation; one of the most promising technologies that can help in overcoming such challenges is – Intelligent Automation (IA) in

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19th April 2023

Fleet Management Software – Cost Cutting Tool For Logistics Companies

In today’s world, digital transformation is a top priority for logistics and supply chain professionals. According to a survey by Gartner, 61% of them consider digital transformation a top priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization and businesses are re-evaluating their operations to remain competitive. Well, fret not, because I’ve got just the thing to

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5th April 2023

5 Non-Technical Skills for Developers to Focus on

Hey there, Code Ninjas and wizards! I know, you love to tinker with code, debug software, and explore new technologies. It’s easy to get lost in the world of coding. Talking of which, developers do forget to work on other important non-techinical skills that gurantees success. Apparently, you might be able to debug like a

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22nd March 2023

Intelligent Automation: How should Businesses Get Started?

Are you tired of investing long hours in repetitive tasks? Who wouldn’t be? Well, say hello, Intelligent Automation (IA). No, it’s not jargon from a sci-fi movie. Rather it’s a robust technology that combines the power of AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  So how is this helpful? Well, it automates tasks, boosts productivity, and

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9th March 2023

Tech Trends in the Logistics Industry for 2023

From AI to automation– the rise of technology is creating a new era of innovation and progress. No matter what industry you are in, technology is a game-changer that cannot be ignored. So, Hello and welcome to an ultimate blog on tech trends in the Logistics Industry for 2023. Today, let’s talk about the most

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22nd February 2023

8 Common Challenges of Tech CEOs

CEOs are the ultimate power-holders in any company, right? Okay, in this context, a tech company. Whatever they say, goes. We have all heard of their many perks and privileges.But what about the problems that they shield a company from? One topic that is rarely talked about in this context   – the common challenges

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8th February 2023

Technical Debt and Ways to Manage it

“Debt? What are we talking about now! We all know what debt is, duh!”  Wait wait, hear me out. In the financial world, debt is money owed to a creditor. In software development however, technical debt refers to the idea that organizations might incur significant, unforeseen costs up front. Especially when they choose a quick

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1st February 2023

Cloud Migration – The guide to switching to cloud 

Hi, I have news for you since you must be interested in “cloud migration” to have stopped by this article. By 2025, more than 100 zettabytes of data–or 50% of all global data–will be stored in the cloud! It’s quite an astounding figure, isn’t it? And there’s more! Studies say that over 94% of businesses

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4th January 2023

Why Ditch Legacy Software & Upgrade To A Cloud-Based Application?

In computing, the term legacy software is used to describe a technology or computer system that’s outdated and old but is still in use. You must be wondering why! Well, such software systems are utilized within many companies because they’re working just fine–so far. However, in general, they no longer receive support or maintenance and

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