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2020 has been a very memorable year so far! This includes the good and the bad. The bad is very obvious which doesn’t need an explanation here. However, the good includes a lot of innovation in the domain of technology and how the world has wrapped itself around it. 

Don’t you agree with me?

We will talk about the technology bit in this article. This year has seen a lot of high-tech advancements in all sectors of the economy. I am sure you are with me on this. Talking of the economic and service sector, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the complete outlook of the world.

The adaptation evolution of artificial intelligence has been the most attractive show here. The impact of AI on the working of various companies has been pretty huge. Wait, not just that. AI has impacted daily lives as well, isn’t it?

As this technology applies to diverse business progressions, its benefits keep evolving with time. AI is becoming more apparent day by day. Now that’s something to look out for!

Impact of AI on the economy

Now let me give you a peek into the impact of AI on the economy. Major technological companies have evolved as AI-driven companies nowadays. I am sure you are aware of that! 

Here’s the interesting part! Investing in AI is expected to grow in the coming years and reach the mark of $380 billion by 2025. Can you believe it?

But hey guess what?  AI is a vibrant classification of technology. It gets tiring to get updates of all its countless subdivisions. Isn’t that obvious? 

Now listen, if you want to invest in AI companies, do not rush the process. It is a dynamic field right now. You have to understand how to invest in AI stocks and companies before you finally dive in. A lot of businesses are beginning to rely on AI and making huge profits. Do you see where am going with this? Yes, this is exactly why the potential investors are interested in AI tech companies to invest in, nowadays. 

Now let me tell you something.

These companies have very lucrative success stories with AI. However, you can’t deny the fact that there is always some form of risk involved in investments. Can you? This is exactly why we are here with this article! Allow us to give you an idea about the best AI stocks and the AI companies to invest in now.

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Everything about AI investment

The rapid growth of AI has made the investment in this sector, reach the zenith. Everyone is interested and can’t stop talking about the best way to invest in AI. 

With the essential popularity of AI, the AI tech companies to invest in,  have become very lucrative. Now that is obvious, right?  

However, although this sector is growing exponentially, investors shouldn’t get too overconfident and invest in AI companies without second thoughts.

That’s all. Now come let’s check out the need to invest in AI at all!

Why invest in AI?

AI is sliding into every sector, increasing efficiency, sales, customer service, innovation, and operational efficiency. Amazing, right?

The technology involves collecting data from every corner and decoding it for use in business. It adds the touch of efficiency and saves time as well. Now, isn’t this something that you would want for your business?

Guess what? With the pandemic in action, around 78% of business frontrunners have assured that they won’t change their pattern of investment in AI. Some have even said that they will increase investment in AI and find the best way to invest in AI. Can you imagine?

Now allow me to list the applications of AI for your AI-based company!

Here they are:

  • Enhance customer service as well as involvement.
  • Automate operational procedures.
  • Save time and money.
  • Boost productivity.
  • Increase sales.
  • Design and evaluate marketing strategies.
  • Improve decision making.

Update your knowledge before you invest in AI

Numerous companies could not invest in AI or even implement it, due to their lack of knowledge in it. Why take risks, right?

However, with the evolution of technology, you need to update yourself to survive in the market. You agree with me, right?

But you know what? I don’t blame them. AI is a complex form of technology. I have to admit that, it gets overwhelming even to understand the mere basics at times.

So yeah! If you are planning to invest in AI, you must know the comprehensive aspect of it. You need to know about the companies for investing in AI, how to invest in AI startups, and so on.

This knowledge will help you evaluate the process in a better way. Sounds good?

Just selecting a good brand isn’t enough in AI investment. You must be wondering why!

See, it all depends on the AI stocks and shares, right? 

Stocks are like a fluid. It is never stagnant. If it grows, then good for you. If not, then why all the misinformed action at all?

Put yourself in a better position to frame the best way to invest in AI stocks. They must have a strong return value.  All you need is a good understanding of the performance and evaluation metrics. 

Now if you are here with me till now, then I guess you are curious about it. Investing in AI? How do I invest in AI, should I invest in AI at all, should I invest in AI stocks? We are here for you!

So let’s start with the guide, shall we?

Educate yourself

The very first phase in AI investment is to educate yourself about the insights of various Fintech publications. You must be wondering how! It’s Simple!

Follow them regularly. Get accurate statistics about the AI tech companies to invest in.

Before you invest in AI, do a detailed study on the areas of improvement of the company, its strength, and weakness. You must be wondering why!

See, for the investment in AI to bring a positive result, it needs to be in sync with the company’s problems and requirements. Don’t you think?

Calculate risks of investing in AI

Since the beginning I have been bragging about the risks involved in any type of investment, haven’t I? Investing in AI is no different.

So what now? Well of course you have to calculate the risks before investing even with a reliable guide.  Come on, you knew this!

You know what? You can begin with the calculation of the company’s beta. Measure its volatility and systemic risks concerning the market. 

Please don’t invest without calculating the risks.

Do you know the cool part? Measuring the company’s beta is not at all difficult! It saves you a lot of time in the long run! Cool, right? 

By doing this, you can easily check the risk involved in the AI stock of a company concerning the others in the market. Clean, I know! 

And hey, this will also guide you with your decision if you want to invest in the company’s stocks as well, right?  You can also add it to your investment portfolio if you create one!

Check out the price to earnings ratio

Don’t be too sure about investing in a company even if you have performed the actions that we mentioned earlier. So, let me tell you something.

When it comes to financials, there are a lot of weigh-ins that you need to do before taking action. Are you getting my point? 

These are the common pointers that you need to take care of, like:

  • If they have any debt, check how much.
  • If they are in a profitable position right now.
  • Check the existing share price compared with its per-share revenues.

There may be some cases, where your gut feeling may overshadow logic. Those are the weak moments that can wreck your investment. So, do be careful, alright?

There are a lot more factors that you need to check, before giving in.

So stay with me till the end of this article.

AI Stock charts

Check out the simplest indications from AI stock charts to understand the price movement. Not just this, here’s another thing.

You also need to evaluate what impact economic meltdowns may have on the company. And hey? Am talking of economic meltdowns in the market that it serves.

Now coming back to AI stock charts – There are certain ways to read indications from AI stock charts.

Let me explain!

  • You can use moving prices, averages, and volumes to measure the price movements. 
  • Once you are done with this, compare these values to hypothetical economic changes in the market.
  • Check out for any noteworthy influence on the AI stock prices.

Check out the dividends

If you are a veteran in this field, then you must know that stocks give out the most dividends. Isn’t it? 

So here’s an idea! 

Check out articles, financial news, as well as various websites, to compare AI-driven companies that you are interested in. sound good?

Here’s a fun fact! Several startups based on AI research are producing decent dividends too. 

However, their stocks are not open for everyone to trade-in. If you are still interested, then you have to find the correct source that can link you to these startups to trade-in.

Before investing in AI, investors can also check out the stocks that pay dividends by checking various commercial news sites. Isn’t that nice?

Consult with experts

Before employing any form of technology, validate the idea by seeking advice from an expert.  Isn’t that the best thing to do anyway? 

They can guide you through the stock situation of every AI-based company that you are interested to invest in.

So here’s what you can do!

  • Try to find experts in this field.
  • Check their websites, analysis as well as success stories.

Trends of investing in AI

Ai is trending and how!  There exists over 350 use cases as well as applications of AI, all over the globe. How amazing is that? And yes, you guessed it! This is drawing more people to invest in AI. Isn’t that obvious? 

The front-runners in AI development comprise tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, as well as IBM. And want to know the best part? Startup investment for minor AI disruptors is growing too!

Isn’t that great?

Now let me tell you something cool. Do you know another reason behind the AI investment trend? It’s the potential it has to grow and attract! There, that’ it! Various financial services organizations are constructing influential AI strategies. 

You must be wondering why!

Well, it’s for detecting fraud, underwriting, wealth management, etc. And hey, it’s not just financial institutions! AI finds use in various other sectors too, like healthcare, education, and so on!

Ways AI is changing the investment game

As you can already see for yourself, AI strategies and AI facilities are trending and giving a whole new outlook to the world!

Talking of investing in AI, check out how AI is changing the investment game altogether! Look at these added benefits!

  • Predictive modeling – this helps in the detailed calculation of the future of investment.
  • Visual perception – this helps with elevated decision-making capabilities.
  • Machine learning – this aids the aptitude to accomplish high-level calculations.

Companies leveling up the trend of AI investment

Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM are delivering AI over their cloud-based platforms. Smooth, right? I know.

Similarly, various other companies are doing the same! Keep an eye on each of them to make a well-informed decision about investment in AI.

Till then check out the AI services offered by these tech giants! Also, do understand that we are not promoting any company here! These are just the giants that you can compare your research data with!

Here, have a look!

  • AmazonThe Amazon Web Services provide both customer and business-related AI products and services! For instance, the Amazon Echo delivers artificial intelligence to your doorstep via tools like its AI bot, Alexa. 
  • IBMIBM has acquired numerous AI startups through all these years. It is competing with industry leaders like Google, Microsoft, etc. Then there’s IBM Watson, which is a data analytics processor. With the help of natural language processing, it analyses human speech for syntax and meaning.
  • Microsoft Microsoft has a comprehensive range of AI assignments that can help both customers and businesses. For instance, Cortana is the Microsoft digital assistant for businesses. Microsoft also sells AI facilities like bot services, cognitive services, and machine learning.
  • AlibabaAlibaba is the topmost cloud computing platform in the whole of Asia. It provides the business clients a classy Machine Learning Platform aimed at AI. It ensures a spontaneous, user-friendly graphic display.

There, enough of bragging! I am sure you have gotten my point by now. 


The benefits of AI are increasing each day and we all know that there’s more to come! Right?

A technology that imitates the human mind is a hard pill to swallow, right? But hey, it’s happening!  Almost every company and business has started the AI investment trend now.

And guess what? With the continuous evolution of AI, investing reasonably in AI is worth the risk. Don’t you see it?

We hope this article has been a solid outline of some of the perceptions of investment in AI. It all boils down to the fact that AI is a promising field, but you still need to be cautious.  Always avoid the risk of losing money. Do whatever you may to prevent that from happening. AI technology is impeccably present in every sector as of now.

So here’s the deal!

Wrapping it up with this recapitulation. Focus on making responsible financial arrangements and keep growing. Remember, technology is a field that will keep evolving and you have to pace up as it does so!

So here’s what you do!Seek persistent improvement and evaluate your results repeatedly. Use AI as a strategic ally in this growth. Sounds good?

And hey! Talking of businesses and startups, if you happen to be one, do get in touch with us at TheCodeWork. We would love to help you turn your business ideas into action with the services that we offer.

Happy brainstorming!

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