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Brand identity involves the features that differentiate the products of one vender from that of others. That feature may be a designation, a keyword, a design, flair, codes, customer base, niche market or anything. When put together, these features of the brand function as a mental trigger or impetus that makes a link that connects

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Voice-activated content basically means audio content which is usually distributed through speakers of various devices, smartphone enterprises, for example, Alexa, Siri as well as several other additional smart devices. More precisely, voice-activated content is a superior and predominant group that comprises living voice searches, voice shopping as well as podcasting, in addition to audiograms (voice-activated

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There exists a very old school question and that is, should one bootstrap the business, or attempt to raise capital funding? The thing is that, if you receive finance from external stockholders then they will influence a great effect on how your organization should work or how you should run your enterprise — hence, it

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Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a very simple yet challenging task. The problem statement was to create a PDF file programmatically and to calculate some values dynamically while filling up the AcroForm of a PDF file. The purpose of writing this article is to share the challenges faced and what we did

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