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“Laravel Laravel everywhere, what is the buzz about?” Welcome to a new chapter in the ongoing series of the famous Laravel framework. 

Websites or web apps built on this framework provide an immersive experience to the visitor. Furthermore, web development with this framework is not at all “rocket science”. You see!

Websites ranging from eCommerce to CMS development all can be easily built using this technology.

With the passage of time, this has become a top choice for web developers around the globe. Coupled with in-built libraries and syntax, it is slowly moving up the ladder of web development. Hope you agree with this!

Delving more into the blog, you will find enough reasons to switch to Laravel for your next website development.

So before moving further let’s throw light on what it is in reality!

What is the Laravel Framework?

Laravel features

It was in 2011 when Taylor Otwell laid the foundation of this awesome technology. Going by the words of, it is an open-source, PHP web application framework with expressive and elegant syntax. I am sure you know this.

It works on MVC(Model-view-controller) model. Since it has in-built libraries and syntax, it lets you create web applications with ease. It is developed on the concept of clean code. So, the developers have incorporated amazing beauty into it. 

The main motto while developing it was to ease out the difficulties faced by web developers. Along with with the basic features of other PHP frameworks. The framework also has rich functionalities which boost the speed of web design. Great isn’t it?

This framework is way more structured and pragmatic than its predecessors. You must be thinking how? So, allow me to answer. CodeIgniter does not have such a robust security mechanism as this one. The built-in customer authentication and proper user authorization make it Gen X. 

If you are well versed with core PHP then it will be a cakewalk for you. Laravel framework has come a long way since its launch. Adding to this, the most stable and latest version was released on September 8, 2020. 

Still, the buzz around remains unexplained! So let’s get you going to the next section that explains the reason!

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Why is Laravel framework so trending today?

Laravel trends

Source: Google trends

The above graph clearly shows the growing popularity of Laravel over CakePHP in web development whereas CakePHP is just symbolic. This is the trend in comparison with every other web development technology. 

According to a survey, 79% of all the websites on the internet (web3 mainly) uses PHP code.

The closest rival of Laravel framework i.e ASP.NET has only a share of 9.1% in total. Founded in 2011, it was predicted to slowly die off. But here it is defying the odds. Also, spearheading the web development scenarios, don’t you think?

For websites based on payments, dealing with sessions has always been a hard nut to crack. While this issue is addressed here. Also, has built-in support for dealing with session handling and views. Such a relief you see!

Henceforth, the reason for being so popular is unraveled. Now, let’s have a look at areas whose needs it caters to the best. 

Businesses that need Laravel framework the most

Although this technology has a multiverse presence still there are industries whose needs are catered more specifically by Laravel. 

1. Enterprise-level applications

Industries like banking systems, entertainment, healthcare, and eCommerce work on the concept of heavy data processing and complex structures. So, they require this framework more than ever. 

Important tasks like queue systems, event broadcasting are done with utmost ease in this case. The in-built feature of service containers makes the work even easier. 

Ecommerce websites especially require highly scalable platforms. I hope you agree! So this requirement is perfectly met out here. This PHP framework lets you create a highly scalable platform that is incorporated with heavy modules. Awesome isn’t it? 

Third-party integration is also easily done with this framework. Laravel’s lumen framework comes into play here. Best examples of such industries are BBC, FedX, Pfizer, 9GAG, etc. 

2. Data management Players

As we know, today’s data is far more valuable than a diamond. I hope I am right. So managing data is the highest priority now. 

Be it content management systems like WordPress or websites like Laravel manages big data repositories like no other.

SQL query builder plays a major role here and enhances the data fetching mechanism.

You must be wondering that all these talks about giant players do no good to me. But wait! 

Let me bust your myth here. Even if your business is small it is still a good-to-go technology for you. Eventually, you will scale your business(won’t you?)your present website can still be expanded to new horizons. 

Summing up you can definitely go for this framework without any further procrastination. 

Therefore, let us guide you to the platform to hire the best ones: TheCodeWork

Moving further into the blog, let’s quickly plunge into the best reasons to use this growing technology for web development. 

Top  reasons to use Laravel framework for web development

So, you want to start a website and you want to start it from scratch! Enlisting some wonderful reasons to make this PHP framework your first choice. Let’s go!

1. MVC Architecture

MVC model

Source : Slideplayer

Based on model view controller architecture, it offers a clear separation between the user interface and business logic. As evident from the above diagram, this model enables you to split your data into logical files. This in turn makes it easy to find files in large projects. 

The MVC in this framework lets you make changes in the view part without affecting the model. This clear separation makes changes handy. Cool isn’t it?

This model also enhances the scalability feature of the platform. As you grow your business your website also scales up. In other words, it lets you develop a high-performance website from scratch. 

2. Object Oriented Libraries

Laravel framework has in-built object-oriented libraries and many pre-installed features. This is the biggest difference between it and other PHP frameworks.

Awesome features like: 

  • password resetting (for forgetful people like me).
  •  monitoring active users and so on makes it way better than its peers.
  • Another wonderful feature is CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection offered by built-in authentication libraries. This is a malicious exploit done on behalf of an authenticated user. 

Thanks to Laravel here! It protects this attack by generating a CSRF token for each session. Consequently making it is unable to be accessed. Such a relief you see! 

3. Artisan Tool

artisan tool

The biggest woes of any website development are running monotonous tasks repeatedly. Imagine an assistant of yours taking care of such tasks. That is the beauty of the artisan tool in this PHP framework.

This is a very helpful command-line interface found here. It assists you in generating desired results through various easy-to-read commands. 

Explicitly running on Symfony console component it even lets you schedule your artisan commands. No less than a miracle you see!

Not only this, it even saves you a lot of time! You can just run a command on artisan CLI instead of creating a whole PHP file for it.

Common uses include :

  • database migration.
  •  publishing package assets etc. 

3. Database Migration and Management

database migration

Today data is the most precious asset. So, it’s crucial to regularly update and manage such data repositories. What if I tell you that you can easily create, destroy and recreate your web database.That too without running any SQL queries or logging into any console.

Yes! I am not kidding. Laravel is such a marvel. 

In order to keep a sync, you can perform simple modifications in database tables and you are good to go. It also saves you from the hassle of maintaining an extra SQL file along with the data file. 

Furthermore, it makes your teamwork of data maintenance quite easy. Now you would ask how?  Its data interface solves such woes by providing continuous support of creating and updating tables across the application. 

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5. Blade Template Engine

blade template


Blade template is the most talked out part in this framework’s terminology. So, you must be wondering what the hype is all about!

Let me help you. 

This is a pre-installed lightweight and intuitive template that helps greatly in developing web pages. The concept of dynamic content seeding plays a great role here. 

This is a PHP file that lets you easily modify the content without being extra baggage to your code. Great, isn’t it?

Adding to this, you can even create a master template and extend it to other templates. The simplicity of this engine is the game-changer in whole web development. 


6. Top Notch Security

Laravel framework security features

This PHP framework provides top-notch security. Website security is the most important prerequisite today. It has a robust user authentication which eliminates possibilities of unauthorized access.

Coupled with the use of “guards” and “providers” it enhances security. This is done by authenticating each user but also taking them back when data is retrieved. So, concerned you see!

You can also chill about your password being stored in the database. To make it hard to crack, it is done by storing them in a hashed format. Furthermore, the bcrypt hashing algorithm used generates a new hash every time. 

Not only this, it also nullifies the injection attacks by the use of ready-made SQL statements. So that you are not going nuts about the security of your website you see!

7. Community and Tutorial Support

I am sure you will agree with me if I say that today’s technology is evolving at a great pace and staying updated is the need of the time. In order to build a community that helps and supports such Laravel developers, Laracasts was built! 


This is a paid as well as free platform that provides all the support needed to learn and use this framework. Let me tell you here that this feature is not available with PHP frameworks like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc. 

So you also got the support. The video tutorials made by Jeffrey Way guide you from A to Z of the development process. It feels so good that you have a community that has your back in this process. How cool is that?

Jeffrey way

Do check out this portal for the best guidance.

8. In-Built Project Environment

One of the best features here is the project environment where everything is taken care of. Be it unit testing or structured coding all the complex parts of the project are handled with ease. 

This makes it easy for developers to code and manage their projects at the same time.

So this streamlines the whole process and reduces the programming effort. You are seeing through the advantages, right?

9. Streamlined Testing Process

Coupled with development, testing is part and parcel of any web application. So, you can understand how important it is to have testing support. 

Laravel dusk is one such testing support. It lets you perform unit testing and automates the testing process. 

Laravel framework dusk

So, you see everything is taken care of.

10. Automated Package Discovery Process

With the advent of Laravel 5.5, a new feature is added which is Automatic package discovery. It will handpick the packages the user needs to install. 

This will automate the whole process. You can even deactivate this feature if not needed. Don’t you smell perfection here?

The Overview

Most of the web developers’ woes are while choosing the right framework or technology for their website. Choosing the wrong framework can give catastrophic results. Resulting in increased efforts and drainage of resources. 

You can be assured of a smooth development process with the Laravel framework. Not only it’s CLI but developing the logic part is also lucid here. Even if it’s your first encounter with Laravel you will not feel that “glitch” of strangeness. That I am sure of! 

Furthermore, if you require any assistance for your next web project we are here to lend you a helping hand. Just connect with us at TheCodeWork.

Till then, Happy Coding!!!

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