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Entrepreneurship is a tough nut to crack. But exciting at the same time! To build a startup from scratch requires an inherent drive to identify and resolve issues. I am sure you are aware of that.

And, ultimately, to effect meaningful change in society. These are mammoth tasks, to begin with, but they become doubly challenging if you’re trying to do it all by yourself. 

In fact, it has been seen that companies founded by a single founder often have huge revenue-generating potential. Think of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Pierre Omidyar of eBay, Oprah Winfrey, or Sara Blakely of Spanx. The list is endless!

So, if you’re wondering whether you can create a startup on your own, the answer is a big YES! With the right guidance and connections, you can totally build your own business. And this is not an issue when TheCodeWork is here with India’s first-ever Startup Ecosystem

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In the meantime, let’s talk about the nitty-gritties of solo entrepreneurship and everything you need to consider before taking the leap. 

I hope you are excited about this because I so am!

How to build a startup on your own?

Entrepreneurs frequently claim that they “wear many hats.” And this is especially true for entrepreneurs who try to build a startup on their own. After all, running a one-man show isn’t always easy, is it? 

So, as a solo entrepreneur, what are some things that you should be on the lookout for? 

Well, read on to find out!

Track down the perfect idea

perfect idea

This goes without saying, but your business idea will ultimately make or break your startup. It’s obvious, right? So focus and build a startup that excites and motivates you every day. This is crucial, especially if you’re going to be the sole driving force behind the idea. 

Most importantly, be willing to solve problems that exist in the market. Find out which business domain appeals to you the most, and what problems exist in that domain. That’s the first step you need to take.

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Look for a suitable mentor

suitable mentor

I cannot stress this enough! A mentor will offer you experience and connections that you will not find elsewhere. And you know how important both these things are if you want to build a startup on your own. 

In fact, previous research and data show that having a mentor is critical to success. According to an executive coaching survey done at Stanford University, 80% of CEOs admitted to receiving some sort of mentorship. According to another Sage study, 93% of entrepreneurs believe that mentorship plays a crucial role in their success.

I am sure you see the point already! And if you wish to talk to industry experts, what are we here for?

Find strategic investors and spend wisely

strategic investors

I am gonna go ahead and say it. 

It can be particularly difficult to raise funds as a solo entrepreneur. It’s hard for one person to convince investors that they can do it all – from design to sales. Yes, you do have a team I believe, but then again, it’s about the management of these teams as well that is difficult to explain to the investors. 

In that case, make sure to spend no more than is absolutely necessary. Budgeting is key. Document every expense–make every penny count. Trust me, this is going to make a huge difference to your startup journey. 

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Validate your idea


Talking of making every penny count, don’t put all your money into a product if you don’t know how well it’ll sell. 

I know, I know. It’s common sense, right?

Well, as a business owner, you must first validate the market for your product. Or as we call it, find your product-market-fit when you set out to build a startup. Verify that your idea or solution has a viable market and identify the gaps that it can fill. So how do you do that? Minimum Viable Product it is!

You might want to deploy a minimum viable product and gather feedback on it. This is how you achieve the product-market-fit anyway. Depending on the reviews, you can then iterate your idea to suit the market you’re selling to.

If you’re looking to create the perfect MVP for your product idea, look no further! 

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Build a strong team

strong team

No business can be a one-man performance for an indefinite amount of time. Especially a growing business. At some point, you’ll have to delegate tasks to others and build a team. And, that’s a task – I tell you! 

Finding and assembling an efficient team to carry out your idea will probably be one of the greatest challenges you’ll face. So be smart about it. Select specialists based on your company’s niche, project scope, budget, and other considerations.

And till you build your own team who shares your vision, feel free to outsource the tech and marketing support. It’s about delivering at the end of the day, don’t you agree?

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Form a support network

support network

As a solo entrepreneur, you are internally committed to your startup. But, you must also foster a community of supporters, counselors, collaborators, and vendors. 

Remember: others will believe in your company if you, the founder, do so too. 

Find like-minded people with whom you can scale your ideas and overcome challenges. What else?

These days networking is more important than ever. But with social media and so many available options, it can be hard to figure out the right way to go about making connections. 

But don’t fret! Because TheCodeWork’s Startup Ecosystem is here to guide you along the way. Reach out to us and learn all about networking on a local, national, or global level!

Advantages of being a solo entrepreneur

solo entrepreneur

Starting a business on your own is challenging, I agree. It involves a huge amount of work and that too all by yourself. But hey, cheer up! 

Because while venturing on your own can seem intimidating, it has its own set of advantages.

Like the following:

  • The power to set your own terms
  • Less internal conflicts
  • Quick decision-making
  • Faster startup launch

Questions to ask yourself before starting on your own

Still, confused about building the startup on your own? Let’s break that ambiguity. Here’s how – Ask yourself the following questions when you’re deciding whether you need a partner or not!

  • Are you confident about your target industry? 

If not, you’ll need to find someone who is. Even if the domain appears to be simple and you have investigated it, something can always get overlooked. Don’t you agree?

  • Do you intend to seek equity? 

If yes, you must keep in mind that investors generally favor teams. Even if it offers you more flexibility, a single person is seen as more of a liability than an asset. 

And if you’re not seeking funding, do you have the capital to bootstrap your startup? Are you willing to incur the risks that come with bootstrapping?

Some more things to consider

Every individual’s path to entrepreneurship is different and unique. That being said, there are some things every solo entrepreneur should consider before launching their startup. 

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind if you’re planning to venture on your own:

  • Identify your business purpose and goals that motivate you
  • Practice pitching. You’re going to have to do it a lot
  • Prepare a solid business plan 
  • Don’t skimp on the market research 

Besides these, leave the rest to India’s first ever zero-equity startup ecosystem. I’m talking about TheCodeWork’s Startup Ecosystem, of course! Find answers to all your business-related queries under one roof!

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When the time is right, you might find the perfect business partner or a great team who will help you scale. Don’t let going it alone prevent you from moving forward.

In Conclusion

If you’re an individual with a startup idea and are feeling overwhelmed right now, you’re not alone. Gathering a winning group of professionals around your idea is quite an uphill task. Especially if you’re starting from scratch. 

Luckily, you do not have to start from scratch! With TheCodeWork’s Startup Ecosystem, you can gain access to our vast network of experts and investors. Be it technical assistance, legal support, branding, or funding, we have got you covered. 

So reach out to us for a free consultation now! 

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