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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): Organize the Development Process

Similar to the natural course of life, products also have a finite lifespan. From their inception, products go through stages of growth, maturation, and eventual decline. This process is known as product lifecycle management or PLM for short. It might sound like B-school jargon; but actually, it’s about efficiently managing the entire production from scratch,


TheCodeWork Team

The Shocking Truth About Startup Failures

Entrepreneurship is like the ultimate adventure, right? You’re out there to build something from scratch, bring a revolution, and maybe even become a Unicorn. Who knows? The possibilities are endless! But sometimes, your brilliant idea just doesn’t resonate, and you might have to consider going back to the white board. Yes, You might think you’ve

16th August 2023

Unicorn Hunters: How to Spot the Next Billion-Dollar Startup?

In mythology, a unicorn represents mystic notions of beauty and elegance. However, our current discussion doesn’t revolve around this kind of unicorn. Within the realm of business, a unicorn refers to a startup company that has achieved a valuation of $1 billion. According to the Global Unicorn Index 2023, the global number of unicorns is

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2nd August 2023

Unveiling the Hidden Formula: How to Guarantee Startup Success

“What startup strategy should I use?” Every Entrepreneur Ever. Throughout history, countless entrepreneurs have tried to address this very query in various ways. They have sought to discover the most groundbreaking business model, approach, or tactic that could lead them to unparalleled success. Nonetheless, the question remains: Has anyone truly unlocked the ultimate strategy that

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19th July 2023

The Startup Playbook: Strategies To Dominate The Market

Imagine having access to a virtual treasure trove of practical strategies, basic insights, and market-validated practices. Inside these pages, you’ll discover a heap of expertise that will help you plan strategies to dominate the market. Just like in the world of espionage, where a secret playbook holds the key to victory, this blog will reveal

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21st June 2023

Top 10 AI-Based Startup Ideas – You Cannot Miss

Raise your hand if you have never used ChatGPT. No one? Okay, who am I kidding? Obviously, the entire galaxy has tried the GPT wave. But do you know about the technology behind it? Even if you do, I am writing a snippet here – it is an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI. Isn’t

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7th June 2023

Why Many Startup Founders Fail: Get your startup in shape

Getting your startup in shape is very similar to getting your body in shape. For example, Let’s talk a bit about myself here – I have been on the weight loss journey a couple of times. And every time, I have been following the same set of rules and workouts. The outcome has never been as

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23rd May 2023

Customer Migration: Why Your Customers Migrate to Competitors

Welcome to the World of Business! Just like a game of musical chairs, customers sometimes decide to dance their way over to your competitors. And this phenomenon is known as Customer Migration. Obviously, it will have a profound impact on your business, like revenue loss and a decrease in market share.  To remain ahead of

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10th May 2023

 Starting a Home Business — What Do You Need?

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Well, of course you have, otherwise why would you be here right now? With the evolution of technology post-pandemic, this has become a viable option these days. Starting a home business has become more accessible than ever. However, it’s important to have a clear understanding of

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12th April 2023

Top 7 Micro SaaS Startup Ideas To Consider In 2023

It’s 2023 – an epic year to get started with Micro SaaS Startup ideas. Are you curious to know what the excitement is all about? Good. Allow me to fill you in on this assumption. But before that, What do I mean when I say – Micro SaaS? Well, A Micro SaaS specializes in specific

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29th March 2023

Top 7 Fintech App Ideas for Startups to consider in 2023

Hey there! Are you tired of seeing people fumble with their finances like a clown trying to juggle bananas? Fear not, because you have the power to help them make smarter financial moves. But where to start, you ask? Well, many people are on the hunt for ways to take control of their financial stability.

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