Full-Stack Web Development

Full-Stack Web Development has been in the industry for quite a while now and it is here to stay. With rapid developments in multiple languages and technology, businesses are opting to get the best out of it. We are an avid follower of Full-Stack Web Development and our core service to work End-To-End on your product has been our strongest forte.

  • End-To-End Development.
  • Intuitive UI/UX.
  • Frontend Development.
  • Backend Development.
  • API Development.
  • Database Architechture.
  • Testing & Deployment.
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Full-Stack Development | TheCodeWork

Mobile Apps

Businesses are striving with the “Mobile First” strategy. With the most used technology device over the years now, our phones and the Apps have become a part of our daily routine. We offer a range of solution in building your secure and perfect mobile App with a UI/UX which conforms to user behavior analysis over the years.

  • Android App Development.
  • iOS App Development.
  • Native App.
  • Hybrid App.
  • Cross-platform Progressive Web App.
  • Testing & Deployment to your Play Store/App Store.
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Mobile Apps


Scripting serves you the best when your requirement is small and performs a specific detailed task. We offer standalone scripts in multiple languages and you can do a wide range of scripts from scraping data, a spider crawling to parsing and editing pdfs.

  • BeautifulSoup for data scraping..
  • Scrapy for spider crawling.
  • Shell scripting.
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Backend Development

Algorithms and logical units of your product serve as the USP of your project. Our team specializes in developing APIs from the core unit of the database architecture. APIs help you generalize or differentiate your web and mobile clients. We follow a lot of coding conventions for clean, quality and robust codebase where performance plays out a major role.

  • Rest API Development
  • Database Architecture
  • Algorithms
  • Documentation
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Micro Services

Micro Services have slowly started gaining a huge interest in the industry. While Monolithic architecture has its advantages, micro-services provides with the ability to segregate all your features and run them independently as a component. We offer extensive development of micro-services for features in any new/existing project with the expertise in multiple languages.

  • Independent component
  • Highly Scalable
  • Failure Recovery of other services
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