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5 October 2022 8 minutes read
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MVP, MVP everywhere! What is it and why are startups rushing to get the right MVP developer for their ideas? Let’s discuss this and get to the core, shall we? Here’s a story for you!

Way back in 1994, a hedge fund executive named Jeff Bezos had the brilliant idea of selling books– online. He started a small digital marketplace called Cadabra to see if his idea had any takers. In a couple of months, he had already sold books in over 45 countries!

Soon, he changed the name of his fledgling company. And thus began the story of The rest, as we know, is history! 

The same story goes for Instagram, DropBox, Uber, and many more – they launched the most basic versions of their products first. Or, as we call it now, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)! 

MVP development is the process of creating your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)–or the first draft of your dream product. 

It consists of only the most basic features that you want. It’s the initial version of your product that you can use to showcase its core features before diving headfirst into development. By creating an MVP, you’re gradually fleshing out your product until it’s fully functional and attractive to your target clientele.

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In today’s uber-competitive business environments, a well-built MVP is your master key to success. And the best way to go about developing an MVP is by getting a professional MVP Developer team to do it for you! 

Firstly, what is an MVP?

The primary goal of an MVP is to launch your product as soon as possible while spending as little money as possible. But MVPs have many uses:

According to Harvard Business Review, poor market segmentation caused 85% of new product launches to fail

Harvard Business Review

But you can easily avoid this mistake–simply by creating an MVP!   Gain some unique insight into your target audience and users with TheCodeWork’s MVP Development Program!

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What is an MVP Developer and why do you need one?

An MVP Developer is a team of dedicated professionals committed to bringing your startup idea to life. The right MVP developer will walk you through the entire development process. This team will guarantee that your product is released on time and within budget. 

MVP Developer

What’s not to like about that, am I right? 

Not sure if outsourcing your MVP development is the right move? Here are some more reasons why you should consider getting an MVP developer for your product idea:

You can focus on other aspects of startup growth

Since you don’t need to worry about creating an MVP anymore, you can now channel your efforts elsewhere. Such as taking steps that will contribute to the early growth of your startup

 startup growth

This, along with a functional MVP, can tip the scales in your favor when it comes to succeeding in a cut-throat business environment.

You’ll receive valuable input from experienced professionals

When you hire an MVP Developer to build your MVP, you get more than just a fledgling product. You also get some valuable insight from the team and learn tips and tricks of the trade. 

hire an MVP Developer

You’ll learn from the developing team’s experience, as they have already successfully built multiple MVPs. After years of assisting others in developing MVPs, it’s perhaps safe to assume that these experts know a thing or two about making your product a success.

You can get insight from professionals with a diverse skill set 

When working with an MVP Developer, you’ll be able to work with a team of experts who have a varied set of skills. Get the collective experience of several professionals working together on your MVP development. 

skill set

In other words, you’ll have access to professionals who excel in ideation, design, or product creation. This will not only ensure that your MVP is top-notch but also move your product through the development process more quickly. A win-win situation, isn’t it? 

Need some good advice?

You will have access to more resources


Outsourcing your MVP development agency will actually save you money! When compared to hiring someone in-house, outsourcing to an MVP development team will give you access to more resources under one roof. 

MVP development agency

This means that your product testing can begin sooner without devoting your entire budget to the process. How convenient is that? 

Things to look out for when searching for the right MVP Developer

Now that you’ve got a clearer idea of how an MVP Developer can benefit your startup, here are some considerations to make when selecting one.

Their website

The developer’s website is like a window into the agency’s inner workings. The company you select should highlight its latest works and talent on its site. In other words, if the company’s website looks outdated, it’s probably best to look for other options. Hey, on that note, have a look at our website for a reference –

MVP Developer

A good MVP development agency should showcase its own work proudly and transparently on its website. Since the website is the first example you’ll see, it should be flawless in terms of design.

The reviews

I mean, this goes without saying, right? With so many MVP development agencies out there, it isn’t easy to trust the one you found on the net. And their website may be great, but always make the final decision after reading the testimonials! 


Without reviews, you’re taking a chance on whether the company you choose to work with is legitimate and trustworthy.

Their experience and portfolio 

Check out your MVP developer’s client portfolio before deciding if it is the best fit for your startup. Any reputable agency will have a portfolio of earlier projects available for you to review. 

Something like this:  TheCodeWork Portfolio.


Consider which startups they’ve previously worked with, and don’t be afraid to contact the team to get a sense of their experience.

TheCodeWork’s Startup Ecosystem is here to solve all your  MVP-related doubts at once! 

Readiness to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

I cannot stress this enough! An NDA is an absolute necessity before signing up with an MVP developer. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a contract that guarantees the agency won’t reveal information about your startup. 

Non Disclosure Agreement

This allows you to maintain a confidential relationship with the company while protecting your proprietary information. If the company refuses to sign an NDA, it’s a red flag! Start walking and walk away from there! 

Because then there’s a chance they’ll use your information on other projects or even give it away to your competition.

The horror! 

Some more things to look for in your MVP Developer

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: MVPs are a modern startup necessity. They come with a slew of advantages, and your product gets better with each iteration. This is why it is so important to get the right MVP Developer for your startup! Because your MVP will ultimately make or break its success. 

No pressure though! 

MVP Developer

When selecting an MVP development company, here are some more things to keep in mind:

Why you should consider TheCodeWork?

With 4 years of MVP-developing experience under our belt, we are keenly aware of just how important an MVP is for a startup’s success. We are a startup too, so we understand the challenges of entrepreneurship! This insight informs the team’s decisions throughout the MVP development process. 

However, that’s not all! With TheCodeWork’s Startup Ecosystem, you will get more than simply an MVP Developer! Expect to gain access to tech support, marketing, branding, and legal assistance–all under one roof with India’s first-ever ZERO Equity Startup ecosystem! 

 TheCodeWork’s Startup Ecosystem.

TheCodeWork’s Startup Ecosystem will give you exclusive access to a network of business connections and potential investors for your startup! 

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Wrapping up– Some final steps to follow when choosing your MVP Developer

The selection process for an agency is critical. In this article, I’ve covered the basic steps you should take before finalizing the right MVP developer. In a nutshell, you can do the following:

Hiring a world-class MVP development company is critical for your company’s success because the quality of the end product will define your company’s success. So choose wisely! And if you’re not sure how to go about it, leave it to TheCodeWork’s Startup Ecosystem!

We’ll take care of it all, be it MVP development, marketing, branding, or legal support! So take the leap and book your free consultation now! 

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