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In computing, the term legacy software is used to describe a technology or computer system that’s outdated and old but is still in use. You must be wondering why! Well, such software systems are utilized within many companies because they’re working just fine–so far. However, in general, they no longer receive support or maintenance and

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21st December 2022

Why Big Tech Companies Should Hire Niche Companies to execute projects?

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Why Big Tech Companies Should Hire Niche Companies to Execute projects– why are we discussing this today? To answer this question, let’s go back a bit and see how the tech innovation landscape has changed in the last few years.  Up until a few decades back, big companies did most of the research and development,

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MVP, MVP everywhere! What is it and why are startups rushing to get the right MVP developer for their ideas? Let’s discuss this and get to the core, shall we? Here’s a story for you! Way back in 1994, a hedge fund executive named Jeff Bezos had the brilliant idea of selling books– online. He

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Organizations big and small are following the Agile Methodology today to deliver high-quality performance. So what exactly is it? Let’s explore it together!   Well, the Agile method is an iterative process of project development and management. It lets development teams offer the best results to their clients more quickly and with fewer difficulties along the

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iOS Vs Android – What is the buzz here? Well, today we are talking about which platform suits your business the best for developing mobile applications. See, these days, websites are not enough to scale your business. People are changing, the world is changing and everyone wants everything at their fingertips. That is where the

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With the world getting more accustomed to digital space, mobile usage has spiked the charts. You agree with me, don’t you? In the same context, this dependency on technology has given rise to budding entrepreneurs who are coming up with fresh innovative ideas. As a result, the entire process of building an app has become

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“Laravel Laravel everywhere, what is the buzz about?” Welcome to a new chapter in the ongoing series of the famous Laravel framework.  Websites or web apps built on this framework provide an immersive experience to the visitor. Furthermore, web development with this framework is not at all “rocket science”. You see! Websites ranging from eCommerce

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Hello, netizens! Hope our Laravel blog series has been great to read till now. So, now is the time to hire the best Laravel developers on this platform out there.  Moving further you need to understand the potential of this framework for your website or app development. Why only Laravel? Why not something else! We

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Welcome to the series of Laravel blogs! I am sure you have read our last blog on Why to Use Laravel framework for large-scale Applications?. So let’s continue on to the next big topic related to the Laravel framework under this umbrella! Ready? Let’s do this! As Leland Dieno said, “Your website is the center

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Laravel is taking over and how! Often regarded as “The PHP framework best suited for web artists,” Laravel has evolved to be the most preferred option for developers. Especially the ones who love simple, expressive, syntax and aspire to develop applications in a fast and reliable way. But why use PHP framework Laravel for large-scale

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