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Whether you want to book a taxi or watch a movie, nowadays there is a web application for everything. So why not one for business too? And surely, there are some fantastic web applications out there that will make the monumental task of running a business that much easier! Indeed, there are almost too many

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23rd November 2022

How To Improve Your Mobile App Ranking?

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You have spent months designing and building your app. You have done your research, tested your app on users, and fixed bugs endlessly. And now, finally, your app is ready for the market—or in this case, the app stores! Hoorah! But now what? Well, not to be a Debbie Downer, but now comes the hardest

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I know, I know, the internet is overflowing with ideas on strategies to grow your business. But hear me out! I have got some secret hacks that we follow as well. Intrigued? Bingo! See whatever the size of your company today, it’s best to map out and prepare for the future. And I’m sure you’d

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Never give up on a startup idea that you truly believe in.  As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve heard some version of this quote more times than you care. You’ve probably even repeated it to some other aspiring entrepreneurs. Something along the lines of: “If you fail the first time, try, try again. Some of

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Psst, listen? Are you up most nights, questioning yourself about your startup business ideas? Wondering: if the market will accept it? Will the customers like it? What will your customers love the most about your product? What if they hate it?  Soooo many questions! We know–we’ve been there too. But guess what! You can now

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Google. I’m sure this is the first answer that popped into your mind! Well, obviously, because that’s where we all go with any weird or worrisome questions that we have. Like when we’re wondering if our brilliant, breakthrough startup idea already exists. Well, let’s talk about that a bit, shall we? Did you know, currently,

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Building a startup from the ground up is a brave task and if you are doing that, BRAVO! Entrepreneurship may be exhilarating but at the end of the day, it is extremely satisfying. You get to dictate your own terms, work on something you’re passionate about, and make money while you’re at it! A win-win

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Software as a service, popularly called SaaS in the tech world, is now a key technology for companies and consumers worldwide. Are you wondering what the hype is all about? Well then, let me fill you in on this revolutionary concept of SaaS And Saas Product ideas that are taking the tech industry by storm!

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MVP, MVP everywhere! What is it and why are startups rushing to get the right MVP developer for their ideas? Let’s discuss this and get to the core, shall we? Here’s a story for you! Way back in 1994, a hedge fund executive named Jeff Bezos had the brilliant idea of selling books– online. He

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Hey there, entrepreneur! Is your product getting all the good reviews? Are customers raving about how amazing your service is? Are you in tune with what your buyers want? Ah! Too many questions, I know! But maybe that’s cause I have the answers to all your business problems. To begin with, all you need is

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