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There exists a very old school question and that is, should one bootstrap the business, or attempt to raise capital funding? The thing is that, if you receive finance from external stockholders then they will influence a great effect on how your organization should work or how you should run your enterprise — hence, it

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Proven Fact: Be it a mobile app or a website, the most important aspect of a product is the user experience. Example: The sole reason behind Microsoft becoming the most used Operating System was its Graphic User Interface. Simple to understand and easy to use is the key. An important aspect being looked over by

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The word “marketable” defines the knowledge which the article or the concept delivers to the client about the stages of digital start-ups. With the advent of diverse steps for a tech merchandise start-up, it’s difficult to agree on the correct workflow. Each of these terms (MMF, MMP, and MMR) serves a precise objective and takes

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Brahim Benaissa @eyenbrahim I discovered startups when I tried to learn more about Airbnb. I remember the first time I saw the name “Airbnb”. I was looking for a place to stay in Paris. I thought “what a strange name!? this looks too good to be true”. But I kind of had no options so

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Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a very simple yet challenging task. The problem statement was to create a PDF file programmatically and to calculate some values dynamically while filling up the AcroForm of a PDF file. The purpose of writing this article is to share the challenges faced and what we did

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What is an MVP? Minimum Viable Product or MVP as the name suggests is the minimum set of features that are crucially needed in a new product to validate its usefulness or acceptability within your targeted customers. The seasoned entrepreneurs know the importance of MVP in the early stages of their company. Would we tell

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